MY Summer Body!

Summer is here and we are ALL enjoying our summer bodies….. Right? Ok, maybe not all of us.  It’s ok…. Just know even fitness professionals have times where they aren’t in their “best” shape. This summer, I feel amazing and I still have great endurance, but I have lost a little of my muscle definition….. But….

Winter body 💪

Oh well. I have been working so hard during the previous months with many classes and passing my personal training exam, that I have chosen to take some R&R.

Post 7 day cruise Summer Body 😁

I have been enjoying my three kids as school was winding down and the weather was warming up. I went from 12 classes a week (as previously stated a few months back) to now teaching 6. I have more time to enjoy summer with the family and I am thankful for that….. And my lil bit of body fat.

We just got back Sunday from a week long cruise to the Caribbean, where I didn’t get a chance to work out at all. Of course right now I’m dying to go lift some weights to make up for it.

We are getting ready to take two more weeks vacation to celebrate my daughters birthday and July 4th as well. You know that expression Summer bodies are made in the Winter….. That is exactly what my life motto is right now as I miss lots of gym time to soak up sun with my family. 

I am still here staying true to my fit business and life and will still be posting along the way but Summer is truly about my family time. So if you see my not as previously flat tummy out say hi… Don’t worry I’m happy and comfortable. I’ll work it off later. 😜❤️💪


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