Working out with kids at home.


People ask me all the time how I got back into shape so fast after having my third child. First, let me say, fitness is literally my job so I am able to do it a lot more than most people. Second, I worked extremely hard between teaching classes and working out at home.

As a mom of three, my home workouts don’t usually go as I originally planned. It’s like an alarm goes off that only little people can hear that tells them, “Mom is trying to have time for herself, get her.” I’m sure most of you with kids can understand what i’m talking about, but it doesn’t have to be a wash. You can still workout just find a way to get your kids involved.


My daughter Kylie “stepping” in for attention.

For me when this situation happens, I just tell myself that today will not be my most intense workout but it will be one of my more fun and entertaining ones. Besides, I already know that if I tell myself to just try to do it later, something else will happen and I may not be able to workout then either.

First thing I make sure to do to is start with giving my son a job. He is the type who likes to take control, so by giving him a task he’s already enjoying himself. He likes to pick out our workout music with his iPad. I let him plan all the Kidz Bop he wants, which entertains him. He proceeds to map out our whole workout playlist.

Now that we have music covered I can focus. I need some weight… Ahhh…Yes my 20 month old daughter who was just crying for attention works as the perfect solution. She needs me to hold her so I do some squats and maybe even some shoulder presses.

She loves when I do this so much that she giggles uncontrollably as I squat down and then “throw” her in the air. It’s the cutest!!! I do a few sets of these and without a doubt that’s a great workout.  To her it is the best thing that has ever happened in her life.

Now it’s strength training time with my son. He likes to use the resistance band while I do free weights.  It’s not too much to harm him but he is doing something to build a bit of strength. I even have him count for me so that he feels like he’s in charge. Of course this doesn’t last too long because my kids get bored quickly.


We finally end up reaching a point where I just let them come up with new “exercises”. I pretty much try to keep this going as long as possible by helping them come up with new creative ideas. They always seem to think its hilarious to lie on my back while I’m doing push ups. I even do wall sits with a kid on my lap. A lot of times I do crunches while kids or steadily jumping on my stomach. Disclaimer that last one is not recommended.


One of my most favorite things to do with my kids is yoga. My son found a YouTube channel a couple years ago called Cosmic Kids Yoga and we have been doing it together ever since. It simple enough for kids and keeps them engaged. Of course I save this for my cool-down portion of the workout because it’s a bit slow paced for an adult. It really has brought us together quite a bit by having time on the mat. I totally recommend checking it out with your children if you are trying to get them to be a little bit active with you.


There are plenty of ways for you to be active and sweat with your children.  Another great idea that is always a hit in our house is dance parties. From your favorite music or theirs.  There are times when I practice my routines for my dance fitness classes and my kids practice with me.

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One thought on “Working out with kids at home.

  1. When I have children one day I hope to exercise with them. Not only is it a great way to spend quality time with them, but it also helps them learn at an early age that fitness is important.


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