Princess Half Weekend Pre-Race 

I just want to say I love Disney! That’s why I chose this to be my first half. The hype before the race is almost better than completing the race…. Almost. My family is Disney Vacation Club members and annual pass holders so we try to go to Disney a couple times a year. We planned our vacation around my race this time so I have been wearing all my Run Disney shirts around the parks all week. 

The expo started Thursday with a crazy frenzy and a long line of people waiting for it to open. I read all the stories of people who waited in line and fought the crowds to get the merchandise they wanted before it sold out in my “Run Disney” Facebook group. This was not for me but I loved seeing all the pictures.

Photo of expo on day one. (Not my photo)

I ended up going to the expo the middle of the second day. See I have three young kids; ages 7, 5 and 19 months….. No way I’m bringing them in to that craziness. Not to mention they don’t allow strollers in the building. I was able to bring one in since my oldest daughter who has Autism has the Disney assistance stroller tag, where it shows she uses it as a wheelchair. 

Expo on the second day.

The expo had EVERYTHING! Jeff Galloway was there meeting people, there was all kinds of cool running gear plus there was someone taping people with kinesiology tape. I had the plan to go straight for the official race merchandise first because those were the hot items. Most of the time I wouldn’t be all about getting a lot of stuff from a race that I run but this is Disney and again I am obsessed with Disney! So when I go, this is what I pack to wear each trip. I made the dash straight to the gear, got pretty much everything I was hoping for and was happy. Guess what ……I didn’t have to fight with anyone. 

Next, I needed energy gels because I didn’t pack any since I didn’t want to risk them exploding in my suitcase. Got it!

I did a lap around checked everything out, including the newest New Balance Run Disney shoes but I just spent all my money on my Princess gear so I was good to go. Not to mention my kiddos had already finished off their free GoGo Squeez applesauce so we HAD to go. 

A note about the Run Disney shoes for anyone interested for future: these require an appointment to try on and purchase. You can make the appointment online a couple days before hand. I opted not to because the shoes can be kind of pricey and A. I’m pretty cheap B. Sometimes you can get lucky and find last years shoes at your local New Balance outlet store for under $40. Recently my husband found them and we scored a pair for everyone in the family. Please don’t take that advice and buy all the stock and put them on eBay like some selfish people.

So I bring you to today, the day before the half and there’s already been the kids races, 5k and 10k. Everyone is posting pictures of themselves in costumes with their finisher medals. Plus the tradition is to walk around the parks with your medal. It’s so awesome to see the community of runners walking around with their bling taking photos with characters. I just love everything about it!   The excitement of it all makes me forget that I’m super nervous for tomorrow. 


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