On the road to my first half marathon.

The Disney Princess Half is this weekend….. Eeeeeekkkkkk! This is my first ever half marathon and I’m pretty nervous, mostly because I don’t want to hurt myself by pulling something. I’ve been training when I can but honestly it’s not as much as I would have liked. Between teaching nine fitness classes a week and studying for my personal trainer exam this kind of was on the back burner.

Don’t get me wrong, aerobically I’m in great shape but it’s a different story using certain muscles for basically three hours. I’m not stupid I’m not going in without having trained at all so please don’t take this as advice to do that… DON’T! 

I will be doing the Galloway Method; which is the combination of running and walking to save my muscles, preserve energy and help with post race recovery. Which I need because once the race is over I will be headed back home to teach more classes the next day. Again not recommended for the average joe, but I have been teaching these classes for years and can do modifications that are easy on the body.

My goal for this half is not to push myself to the limit or get a pr. This is a Disney race and it cost more than an average race. I want to “get my money’s worth”. There will characters along the route so I plan on stopping for some photos when possible. Not to mention we are running through the princess castle in the Magic Kingdom! How awesome is that!!! That is a definite photo stop for me. As a huge Disney fan this half marathon was on my bucket list and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it and not just rush through and dread the whole thing. 

So as we drive to Florida the nervousness and excitement is overwhelming but all I can do is just keep calm.


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