There are many shapes and sizes of fitness professionals, does it make or break your experience?

We have all seen these memes going around the internet that put down the professionals in our field. First off this was obviously made by someone who knows nothing about what we do, second don’t be like that person.


I have met many people in this field and all of them are inspiring and passionate about what they do.  There are many hours that go into putting together your group fitness class or personal training session. Most of it is intense studying to learn all the information needed to make it safe and effective for all levels. (I must clarify everything I write about goes for “Certified” Professional’s so please be wise in choosing your Instructor or Trainer. It is OK to ask if they are certified or not, as a Professional I am proud to announce that I am Certified.)

As a Certified Professional you need to pass an exam and then are required to maintain your certification by obtaining continuing education units to keep up with the latest research. Once you have the knowledge, then comes the process of figuring out what to do with it, which takes even more time.  Once that is mapped out you practice, refine and tweak the details to make sure it’s appropriate.

“Wait, didn’t you get into fitness because you like to work out too, when do you get to do that?” We do but it’s not as often as you probably originally thought. Group Fitness Instructors teach a class; which is working out but it’s not “their work out”. We don’t work out to our highest intensity because we need to be there to show modifications and cue all participants. Personal Trainers are at the gym all day but they are creating plans, meeting with clients and helping others reach their goals.  We work out on our own time (when we find it of course between work, studying and taking care of our family). Does that mean that those that don’t have a flat stomach are out of shape and unhealthy? Absolutely not!

I know so many fitness professionals who may appear “out of shape” to the common eye but in actuality they have better cardiac endurance than a skinny person walking down the street. These people can do more burpees than most people in the gym, they are healthy AND strong. If you ask them what their diet looks like on a normal basis it will most likely be healthier than most people you know. They may not have the ability to spend hours at the gym working on themselves because they are too busy thinking about you. Maybe they have an injury that prevents them from reaching a particular goal that you may have for yourself.  Some fitness professionals may be working on their goal and can tell you their story about how they lost 100lbs already… I know a few! Each and every person has different goals, your view of fit might be that you are skinny or have a six pack or a flat stomach but really the definition of fit is “in good health”. Every single one of these fitness professionals are fit but your view of fit may need to be adjusted.

So what really makes or breaks your experience? The Fitness Professionals knowledge, dedication and passion not their shirt size.



4 thoughts on “There are many shapes and sizes of fitness professionals, does it make or break your experience?

  1. I think another key here is certified with a reputable organization. I recently interviewed someone who runs a boot camp gym and she paid $29 for an online certification AND you don’t have to pay until you pass. She is giving nutrition and workout advice to people and has horrible form when doing a bicep curl. We need to give each other a break about appearance, BUT knowledge and certifications should be non-negotiable.

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  2. Jax – thank’s sooooo much for the post. Because an instructor is “plus size”, their ability to provide a meaningful workout experience is often underestimated!! Yes, I speak from experience. I’ve heard people say, “Well I’m not likely to break a sweat today.” But after class – they’re speakless!! It’s what the client puts into the workout!!

    I’m definitely in better shape (stamina, endurance) than I was in my 40s. So thanks to all the fitness professionals (including you!) who push us to be better – one workout at a time!


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