After attempting to be “perfect” I failed and I’m OK with it.

I have an Apple Watch and I cannot love it more.  Just like any other fitness tracker it motivates me to move just a little more each day to reach a goal.  Those of you that do not have the Apple watch I will explain how it motivates you.  There are these “Achievement Badges” you can get with each certain goal. There’s one for a new personal record, doubling your move goal, completing all three activity goals (move, exercise and stand) every day of the week etc. There’s one achievement badge called “Perfect Month” where you reach your move goal every day in the month.


I have had my Apple Watch for six months and have a lot of the badges but I do not have the Perfect Month Badge. I am the type of person who sees a challenge and says “ok, sure GAME ON!” So I started the month with it in my head I was going to hit my move goal every day for the month of June even if it meant doing an extra work out right before midnight.

My move goal is different than yours would be because everyone burns calories differently.  There are many factors that go into, so by telling you my number would be irrelevant. Just know for me to reach my move goal I have to actually get up off my butt and workout and be active for the day.

I could do this right? Yeah of course, I’m a fitness instructor who teaches many classes and workouts all the time. No problem. The first week … easy! Just like any workout regimen, you can do it for the first week. Second week was going great as well. Now on to the third week, I was killing it. I had worked out every single day for three weeks and met my move goal.  Father’s Day came and the whole family was home, we spent all day together. We took a long walk to the playground, walked back then we went to a family dinner and I took another walk with my daughter; who by the way I had been chasing around all evening making sure she didn’t break anything in the nice house that wasn’t ours. It was a great family day. After the kids went to bed I decided to practice a new routine for one of my Zumba classes and finished with a bit of yoga to stretch out before I went to bed. Sounds like a pretty active day right? Can you believe I did not meet my move goal? I was just shy by 33 calories.


Red indicates daily move goal.

Let me tell you as a wife and a mother of three I now feel like a “Perfect Month” is unattainable. How can a “normal person” go a whole month forcing themselves to work out that hard to reach their move goal and still be a good wife and mother or friend? On top of that everyone needs a rest day for their body to recover, repair and get stronger. I spent a great day with my family and was completely active and could not reach my goal. I was still up until 11:30pm doing activity and the goal was not achieved. Given my goal is higher than most people but I already do more activity than most people.


Do I regret going to bed knowing that I was that close and didn’t make it? Not at all. I could have easily forced myself to get out of bed to get the extra 33 calories to keep going and make the month “perfect”. I chose not too, not because I am lazy but because I was content. I wanted to rest with my husband and enjoy the moment before we both woke up and were separated by work.

I am in great health, I am in great shape, I have an amazing family and I am happy. I don’t need to neglect the things or the people that I love for validation from an app connected to something on my wrist. I appreciate challenges and I have goals but sometimes something’s are more important. Thank you Apple for a really cool watch that I still do love and wouldn’t give up but I don’t know that I will promote the “Perfect Month” achievement badge to my students because  honestly it’s just overkill and asking for a burn out.


One thought on “After attempting to be “perfect” I failed and I’m OK with it.

  1. I love this! I have the watch too and often find myself feeling like a failure if I don’t meet my move goals! Like you I have to remind myself that it’s only a watch…a tool to be helpful, but shouldn’t take over my life and take me away from my family. Great post!

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